Mother and Baby


It's Our Pleasure...

This service is offered by some amazing practitioners, hand-picked by our Lead Nurse Georgia, who share the same ethos, kindness, and love for babies. We will come and live with you for 24 hours a day for anywhere between 1 week and 3-6 months. A complete support for you with feeding your baby and helping to set up a good routine; as well taking care of all the baby laundry and cleaning/sterilizing of the equipment. We will also be able to offer any advice and answer any questions you may have at this special time.

We will help look after you, prepare light snacks for you during the day and advise you on your own nutrition in respect of breastfeeding as well as to help recovering mothers. 

Unfortunately, we can’t look after any other children, any pets or do the housework!

All of this for £250 a day.