Sleeping Baby


Helping You Get the Rest You've Earned

Every baby is different and every family requires a unique strategy. Some mothers just need to catch up on their sleep for a few nights. Others need complete relaxation, to recuperate and have peace of mind that baby is being cared for while they rest. Whatever solution you need, we are here to create ‘time for you.’

For this reason, we do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ service. TheBabyNurse offer the following options which can be incorporated into a package that suits you:

Option 1: 8pm to 6am – £190

Option 2: 10pm to 6am – £170

Additional time either side of a Night Session charged at £20/hour.

Weekends are available by special arrangement. Bank Holidays are charged at time and a half, however, Christmas and New Year are charged at double time. 

We will come to your home at either 8pm or 10pm and leave in the morning at 6am.

In the evening we ask you for a handover, ask how baby was in the day and again hand over to you or your partner in the morning with detailed written notes for you to look at during the day.

Notes will include baby feeds, details of wet or soiled nappies, amount & times of feed, and any other notes about your baby. If your baby is bottle fed we can prepare any bottles that may be needed overnight and sterilise any that you may have used during the day and will need for the next day.

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